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Destination Troup : Troup County Tourism Logo

Destination Troup

travel + tourism

Tasked with bringing this Destination Marketing Organization to life, we wanted to create more than a brand. Destination Troup is a call to pack your bags, load the RV and dive headfirst into the unmatched beauty of Troup County’s outdoor wonders.

Brand Strategy & Activation

Positioning Destination Troup as a playground for nature enthusiasts, we created a brand identity that speaks to adventure seekers. Then, we activated the brand across marketing channels with a color palette as refreshing as a lakeside breeze.
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Website Development

The web design of Destination Troup not only showcases the scenic beauty of Troup County but also provides practical tools and information to assist travelers in crafting their ideal itinerary, complete with details about outdoor adventures, lodging and eateries.


Through high-quality imagery, we capture the beauty of Troup County. Whether it’s the tranquility of a lakeside sunset or the dynamic energy of one of the local eateries, every photograph invites viewers to experience the essence of Destination Troup.

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