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Despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism in LaGrange has continued to thrive through steady brand leadership, strategic digital marketing efforts and a headstrong vision for the future of tourism.


Atomic Brand Energy captures high quality photography and video footage for attractions and events. We use images and footage throughout our marketing efforts, from website galleries, to paid advertising, to stunning billboards.

Website Development

Research and education is a key component of tourism marketing. Atomic Brand Energy designed and developed a 500+ page website for Visit LaGrange that features gorgeous imagery and allows visitors to dig deep into planning their journey to LaGrange, Georgia.

“Atomic Brand Energy is the workhouse of Visit LaGrange’s marketing strategy. They are professional, talented, hard-working and passionate about what they do. Always eager to delve into new marketing projects — and track their effectiveness — Atomic Brand Energy is an excellent partner for us.”

Kathy Tilley

President/CEO, Visit LaGrange, Inc.

Short-Form Video

Short-form videos, such as those found on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts, allow quick and impactful storytelling for sharing travel experiences. These videos are used in targeted video advertising to reach niche and relevant audiences.

How It Measures Up



Occupancy rate is up from 57.4% in 2019, to 69.8% in 2023. ADR is up 24.4% along with total revenue from hotel/motel tax.



Twelve times more Destination Guide requests are submitted through digital channels.



Social media followers for Visit LaGrange have increased 24X, from 1,870 to over 46,000.

Destination Guide

Atomic Brand Energy took the lead to research, design and develop a brand new, 56-page destination guide for Visit LaGrange. This high-quality print piece helps compel visitors to travel to LaGrange and assists in their trip planning. Over 1,000 guides are distributed monthly.

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